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How to describe my problem to the support team

To make your request more efficient and clear, we advise you to follow these steps when contacting the support team.

You can contact the support team either from the Aimylogic visual editor or documentation.

  1. Write the email address of the account having a problem.
  2. Specify the project name.
  3. Describe each step to reproduce the problem.
  4. Include time and the number of accounts where the problem occurred.

You can attach a screenshot or a screencast of the problem you have. This can help the support to catch on much quicker.

Bad request example

My bot doesn’t work in Telegram. Why?

Good request example

Project name: Pizza bot.
Problem: My bot doesn’t work in Telegram.
Open the "Pizza bot" project → write /start → the bot sends a welcome message.
Open the "Pizza bot" project → write /start → the bot doesn’t reply.
Time: Since 12 pm none of the clients has received the bot reply.