WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is one of the channels where you can publish your Aimylogic bot.

How to publish a bot in WhatsApp

Before you publish your bot in WhatsApp, you need to get an official WhatsApp account for your company.

We do not recommend using third-party services and unofficial APIs. WhatsApp will most probably block such a number. You will not be able to connect your Aimylogic chatbot either.

You can connect your bot to WhatsApp Business API via the Vonage provider.

Connect a Vonage account

Vonage is an official partner who can provide you the official WhatsApp Business API. They will give you all the information on the pricing and integration process.

To publish your Aimylogic chatbot in WhatsApp Business API, go to your bot Channels and pick WhatsApp Business API from the list.

There are two options how to connect WhatsApp via Vonage.

whatsapp 3

Connect an existing account

If you already have a Vonage account, select Authorize existing account.

Specify your Service provider and customize the channel name in the pop-up window. The name will only be visible to you. You will also need an API key and API Secret for authorization. You can find them in your personal account in Vonage.

whatsapp 2

Click Connect.

After everything is processed, your bot will start working in WhatsApp Business API.

Send a request for Vonage integration

If you do not have a Vonage account, select I do not have a Vonage account. The request form for the integration will open.

Specify your contact data and click Connect to send a request.

We will contact you and help to configure the Vonage integration.