Aimybox platform enables you to create smart devices that speak with users.

You just have to create a project on Aimybox website and enable all required voice skills. Then you can test your project by text or voice and then connect your device to this project via SDK or HTTP API.

Aimybox voice skills

Aimybox provides a lot of ready-for-use voice skills like music, radio, weather forecast, kid games and others. But you can easily design and implement a custom voice skill using Aimylogic.

How to create a custom voice skill

To create a custom voice skill for your device just create a bot on Aimylogic and test it. Once it is ready, you have to click on Channels and then select Aimybox. There are no any settings - you have to click on Connect and obtain your Webhook URL.

Go to your project on Aimybox and enable Custom skill. Here you have to name your custom skill somehow and paste a webhook URL. You have also add some phrases that user have to speak to activate your skill. Click on Save button then.

Please note that your scenario in Aimylogic must contain a global Intents block with phrases you defined in your Aimybox's custom skill. Also your scenario has to contain End of Scenario block thus the user can say something to exit from your custom voice skill.
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