You can extend System entities of Aimylogic with your own. This enables your bot to understand and extract the data from the user's query regarding your own database.

For example, if you provide a list of goods of your shop, Aimylogic can recognise these names in the users' queries.

What is custom entity

Custom entity is a part of the user's query that can be extracted and used as a variable in the scenario. You have to provide an entity's name and possible variants of pronunciation of each item of this entity.

Regarding the shop example, you may define an entity with name good and a list of possible items like this

Then you could define an Intents block with a following intents

Once the user says "How much a tablet cost?", Aimylogic extracts good entity from the query and creates a variable named good with value "ipad".

Note that user can use any synonyms defined in custom entity and bot creates a variable with entity's ID - not an original utterance.

How to create a custom entity

Click on Entities item in the left menu. Here you can manage your dictionaries - collections of custom entities. Provide a dictionary's name and then add some entities and synonyms. Click on Save Changes button once you a are ready.
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