This web service enables your bot to read data from sheets on Google Drive. It converts any Google Sheets to JSON, thus your bot can operate rows' data in scenario.

Just use HTTP Request block with URL like

Replace a googledocid parameter with an actual Google Sheet id. You can obtain your sheet's id from the browser address line

The second parameter named sheet - is an ordinal number of a list in your sheet.

There is also one more parameter you can use - join (true or false). It can be used to fill empty cells in the sheet from the previous cell in the column.

Publish to the web

Before you can use this web service in your scenarios, please publish your sheet to the web through menu File -> Publish to the web

Click on Publish.

Response format

This web service responds with JSON array containing a JSON object for each row in the list. Each field name in this object equals to the column name in the sheet header.

"instock": true,
"price": 20000,
"name": "iphone"
"instock": true,
"price": 16000,
"name": "ipad"

As a result such $httpResponse variable contains an array with objects that contain fields instock, price and name.
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