There is a list of entities that are built-in into Aimylogic by default. These entities can be used to extract specific data from the user's queries and use it as a variables in scenario.

How to use system entities

System entities can be used the same way as other entities in Aimylogic. Just place a entity's name with appended $ symbol in the text of Intents like


Once the user says something close to such phrase like "Please book a room number 5 at 5 pm", the bot extracts NUMBER and DATETIME entities and stores values to variables named NUMBER and DATETIME.


This entity extracts a raw text from the user's input. For example, if you provide an intent like

play $TEXT

then if user says something like "let's play a game" or "play madonna", Aimylogic extracts a TEXT entity and creates a variable named TEXT with value "a game" or "madonna" accordingly.

Please note that you cannot use TEXT entity without some prepended words if you create a voice skill for Amazon Alexa.


This entity extracts number from the user's query. For example, if you have an intent like

book room $NUMBER

your bot will react on phrases like "please book a room number five", and Aimylogic will extract NUMBER entity with integer value 5. A variable NUMBER can be used then in scenario.


This entity extracts date and time from the user's query. If there is an intent like

wake up $DATETIME

then the bot can react on phrases like "wake me up at 5pm tomorrow". Aimylogic extracts DATETIME entity, converts it to the language-independent format and stores the value to the variable named DATETIME.

DATETIME variable is an object with the following fields

day - the day of the year (integer in the range between 1 and 31)
weekDay - the day of the week (integer in the range between 1 and 7)
month - the month of the year (integer in the range between 1 and 12)
year - the year (integer)
hour - the hour (integer in the range between 0 and 23)
minute - minutes (integer in the range between 0 and 59)

Please note that Amazon Alexa recognises only a date part of the DATETIME entity. If you have to have date and time in your Alexa skill please use Amazon's built-in entities.
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