29 December 2018


With this release you are able to restore any version of your scenario to prevent unnecessary changes to be applied. Any time you can rollback to the currently published version.

Just click on Versions link in the right top corner and click on Restore button of the appropriate version of your scenario.

Custom voices in Amazon Alexa

Now your Alexa skill can switch the voice on the fly and synthesise the response with different voices supported by Alexa.

In the Text block click on Voice assistant options and then on Select voice for Alexa. Here you can select on of the supported voices for this bot's reply.

Aimybox integration

With our Aimybox platform you can enable any device to talk with users. You just have to create a project on Aimybox, enable any of supported voice skills and then connect your device to this project via Aimybox SDKs. With Aimybox integration you can also create a custom voice skill for your device using Aimylogic.

To learn more please jump to Aimybox channel guide.
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